miércoles, 4 de diciembre de 2013

Good news and bad news

Ok... I have good news and bad news, first I'll tell you the good news. Finally, I have changed the computer, I have a new computer, better than the old one, I can continue with the mod. Bad news... Well... My external hard drive corrupted ALL my text files. The scripts of the dialogues, the scripts of the mod (quests), and a lot of things... I did the backup of the mod in the external hard drive, then I formated my SSD, when I wanted to open my text files... They were all corrupted. And the same with the scripts. I opened the game, started playing the mod, and the quests didn't work. I opened Creation Kit and compiled ALL the scripts, I thought it was going to work, and it worked, but only with a few scripts. It's like the 80% of the scripts are corrupted. I hate my external hard drive, I hate it so much, my only hope is to have another backup in the other hard drives (I didn't put them in my computer). But well... Now I'm working in the mod again... I'm going to start the mod again, from 0... It won't take long time, I have the other .esp with the scripts working, I think the problem is the name of the scripts. I have copied all the scripts in a txt file (in the SSD) to paste them in the new .esp. One year work thrown to the window... Thanks all. I'll add more updates soon.

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