sábado, 25 de mayo de 2013

Improved quests

I had some problems with the quests:
In the quest number one, some enemy soldiers didn't spawn, and you only had to kill five soldiers, now they are like ten soldiers.
In the quest number two, the soldiers didn't attack the enemy until the player attack the enemy, and when the enemy was dead the allies attack you. This is fixed.
The quest number three hadn't any bugs and things like that.
Now I'm working in the quest four, which will be a very important quest in the main line of the story.

Also when you finished a quest and you talk to the guy who gave you that quest, he gave you 500 of gold, and you had to speak with him to get the next mission. It is fixed, now, when you talk to him and he give you 500 of gold because you had finished the mission, the next quest will start.

domingo, 19 de mayo de 2013

Teaser trailer!

Hello all, finally the teaser trailer is here. This video is made by minikane. I hope you like it:

sábado, 18 de mayo de 2013

Character voices and new armor

Well... Now I finally have some voice actors who will voice the npcs. I'm now writing the voice script for two characters.
Also I finished the third quest. It gave me a lot of errors, but I finally fixed them.
Other thing I want to say is that the Anroc Barrow is finished, and it is more detailed than the old Anroc Barrow.
I have a new weapons (I won't show it) y a new armor:

It is an Imperial General armor.
That's all!

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jueves, 9 de mayo de 2013

Two quests and weapons (9th May 2013)

For now, we have two quests for both sides, Imperial and Stormcloaks.
I have to improve the quests, because the first one gives me some bugs, like the imperials or stormcloaks don't attack me, but the other things are good.

The second quest is completed 100% It's a good work. I made it in two days.

Also I have a lot NPCs finished.

I have to say that most of the NPCs are some of my Skyrim characters. For example: Zuna Roath, a stormcloak officer, she is my principal character, Urduin Roath, father of Zuna, he was a imperial soldier, but he now is a stormcloak, he is my second character, or Echo, Imperial legate, was made before Zuna.


I made some weapons for the stormcloaks:

One handed axe:


That is all for now ;)