sábado, 10 de agosto de 2013

Finishing quests

Finally I'm finishing all the quests! :D
I tested all the quests and all going well, except the quest 12, when I take one thing you have to take, the 12 Imperial quest starts, and that's not what I want, I want when I take the thing, the quest get the next stage. But don't worry, I'm going to fix this problem.
Also, I'm fixing some problems with the mod, they are small problems, but they have to be fixed.
And, other thing is the voices, I have all the voice actors, but they have to voice the characters and then give me a audio file, then, I use CK and Audacity to put their voices in the npc.
The trailer will be uploaded in a few weeks.
Do you want a date for the mod to be launched? Ok, I think... Maybe September.

That's all!

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